LeBakery Bakes a Multitude of Breads in Peoria, IL

Every day, bread baking begins while most of Peoria is still asleep. LeBakery’s head baker, Chris, has been baking here over 18 years.

He uses many old-world recipes and only the finest natural ingredients, never adding preservatives or extra fats, and soon the racks are full of some 20 kinds of fresh, healthy, delicious breads. Many of our customers say our breads are the closest they can find to those they have enjoyed in Europe. We suggest you stop in and try Black Russian (great for Reuben sandwiches), Italian Vienna, aromatic sourdough, peasant bread, or walnut raisin, to name a few. French Baguettes, fresh soft pretzels, the popular Greek or Mexican Zorbas are on the shelves, next to all-American favorites including marble rye, hamburger buns and silver dollar rolls — and so much more. We specialize in healthy variety and quality breads. Give us a call! (309) 693-9190 or visit us in the Metro Centre to learn more about the baked delights we offer for various occasions.

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