Welcome to LeBakery, Your Peoria Headquarters for Delicious!

LeBakery has specialized in the careful and meticulous preparation of the tastiest treats for decades. Located in the Metro Centre in Peoria, Illinois since 1985, our bakery can artfully create an abundance of desserts to meet the needs of any occasion. Not only do we bake from scratch, we are a full-service bakery.

Bread – Baked Fresh Every Day.

Every day, the staff at LeBakery bakes fresh breads from scratch – with no added fats or preservatives. They are delicious and they’re healthy! Our customers say our breads are the closest they can find to those they enjoyed while in Europe.

Cake – How Sweet It Is!

At LeBakery, we enjoy customizing our creations to meet a variety of needs. As a full-service bakery – no detail is too small! LeBakery professionals will discuss every aspect of the cake you have in mind. We invite you to meet with a knowledgeable and skilled member of our team.




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